U.S. & International 申请人

What makes 888贵宾厅 unique?

在私立学校中,塔卢拉福尔斯学校在许多方面都很突出. Our families are among our best ambassadors – they know first-hand that we have a heart for our students. 在888贵宾厅服务的人真诚地希望看到学生学习和成长, 这体现在他们致力于帮助每个学生取得成功. 在助教, students and parents become part of a larger family and community where students are encouraged to reach their full potential both personally and academically. 888贵宾厅对这一事业的承诺也体现在我们的学费上. The founders of the school envisioned a place dedicated to student success regardless of their socio-economic status.

What type of student does 888贵宾厅 seek?

We seek students who are motivated to learn and are committed to being an active part of the community at 888贵宾厅. In a community, each individual contributes something unique.  We look for students who have the desire to grow and are willing to strive for greater success in their lives.


Why do students choose to attend 888贵宾厅?

In their effort to prepare for college, many students seek programs that prepare them to be successful. 其他人则在寻找一个更积极的社区,鼓励学习和成功.


你是否接受个人教育计划的学生?, 504年计划, or other accommodation plans?

888贵宾厅不承认IEPs或504作为我们的学术项目的一部分. 然而,有时我们的小班规模消除了住宿的需要. Students with prior academic/behavioral accommodations interested in applying to 888贵宾厅 will need to submit a copy of their IEP/504’s with their application for review to determine if 888贵宾厅 can help the student realize their educational goals.

Does 888贵宾厅 accept students with behavioral or discipline problems?

而每个学生在一生中都有可能做出错误的选择, 888贵宾厅 is not equipped to provide the structure necessary to accommodate students with consistent patterns of behavioral problems.

Please describe the academic program.

我们的班级是大学预科班,平均每班15人! 我们认为,保持小班制对学习和成功至关重要. Our classes also follow a traditional class schedule where students are enrolled in the same academic courses for the entire school year. 本课程表提供了对每个主题更深入的探讨. 高年级学生可以选择先修课程. Junior and senior level students may elect to take dual-enrollment classes on the 888贵宾厅 campus to earn both high school and college class credit. 


What types of technology are utilized in the classroom?

While preparing students for success on a college campus, 我们的目标是将科技融入课堂的学习过程. As educational technology evolves, Tallulah Falls School strives to stay abreast of the latest initiatives to maintain a technologically robust program. 教室配备了智能板技术,所有学生都获得了谷歌Chromebook. Virtual reality technology creates interactive, 实践经验允许在许多层面上理解. 888贵宾厅 is proud to offer ZSpace labs and VR headsets. 我们在高中和中学也有一个Mac电脑实验室. 我们的科学实验室配备了与学生在大学里一样的技术. 另外, students also have access to the Galileo research database that is used by most colleges and universities in the state of Georgia.

What percentage of 888贵宾厅 graduates are accepted into college?

Each year 100 percent of the graduates at 888贵宾厅 are accepted into colleges and universities across the country. Our graduates are consistently recognized for their outstanding academic achievement and the ability to be successful at the collegiate level.

How do I arrange a visit?

如欲安排参观学校,请致电(706)754-0400或发电子邮件联系招生办公室 admissions@tokyopc.净 to set up a date/time for your visit. 也, students may benefit from shadowing a current student to experience what it is like to be part of the Tallulah Falls School family.


What is the application process for domestic students?

You can apply by pressing any “马上申请” button that you see on our website.

What information is required to be considered for admission?

1. 一份正式的学校成绩单,包括纪律和出勤记录.
2. 本年度课程及现时成绩及/或进度报告.
3. 校长、英语和数学老师的推荐信(包含在网上申请中).
4. Standardized Test Scores.
5. Interview with the 招生 Office. 招生办公室会联系你安排预约.


When will I be notified of the 招生 decision?

After the required application materials have been received, the 招生 Committee will review the application and make a decision regarding admission by the published dates.

My child is on the waitlist, what happens next?

在888贵宾厅,我们可能并不总是为所有合格的申请人提供空间. Therefore, we may have to place some students on the waitlist. 如果你的学生在候补名单上,保持沟通渠道畅通是很重要的. You will be notified as spaces become available. If you decide to enroll your child at another school, 请与我们联系,以便我们将他或她的名字从候补名单中删除.

My child has been accepted, what is the next step?

Once you receive the acceptance letter via email, if you are applying for financial aid, you may begin your application by visiting 事实. If you are not applying for financial aid, 完成在线报名包的链接将被发送给您,并附有进一步的说明.



Tallulah Falls School offers generous need-based financial aid to domestic students that significantly helps offset the cost of tuition. Merit-based scholarships will automatically be awarded based on the average GPA for the past two semesters. For more information about our financial aid or on how to apply, visit the 金融援助 section on our website.


What costs are included in tuition?

  • Room and board (boarding students)
  • 膳食(午餐-所有学生,早餐和午餐-寄宿学生)
  • Google Chromebooks (for use during the school year)
  • Laundry service (boarding students)
  • Some weekend activities


 What costs are not included in tuition?

  • 学校和P.E. uniforms (approximately $500 - $700 in the first year)
  • Transportation not associated with school activities
  • Elective weekend activities
  • Personal supplies for school or dormitory
  • 医疗费用
  • Mandatory educational trips


What is it like to live on campus?

Living in the dormitories enhances the academic and personal development of students by providing daily structure and helping to establish good life habits. 学生们通过在宿舍共同生活和成长来发展更深层次的关系. 以下是一个典型的寄宿学生在888贵宾厅上学的例子.

6:30 AM 醒来
7 AM 早餐
7:45-8:15 AM Optional Tutorial in the 上学校 classrooms with teachers. Study Hall is built into the class day
8 AM 中学 Day Starts
8:15 AM 上学校 Day Starts
3 PM 中学 Day Ends
3:15-3:45 PM Optional Tutorial in the 上学校 classrooms with teachers.
4 PM Free Time/Athletic Practice/Club Meetings
6 PM 晚餐
7 PM Recreational Time/Free Time in Dorms
8 PM 强制性的学习时间
10 PM Lights Out for 中学 Students
11 PM Lights Out for 上学校 Students
午夜 Lights Out for Seniors

A work program in the dormitories is designed to help students learn how they can contribute to the campus community through service to others.


What activities are available for students? 

888贵宾厅的大多数学生都参加了课外活动. 我们相信,学生将获得重要的生活技能,如领导能力, 团队合作, and personal achievement by being involved in athletics, 美术, 俱乐部, and weekend activities.

Can day students participate in weekend activities?

我们鼓励所有的学生参加周末活动. 上学校 students and 中学 students must first contact the 登机 Office to register for the scheduled weekend activities. 


Students are required to wear uniforms during the academic day. These uniforms are purchased through FlynnO'Hara Uniforms online or via a location in the Atlanta area. 弗林诺哈拉制服公司也将在夏季访问888贵宾厅校园. 放学后, 只要符合学校着装要求,学生可以在校园里穿休闲装.

What transportation is available?

The school provides morning and afternoon shuttle transportation for day students for a nominal fee. For open weekends and breaks, the school operates a shuttle to the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and a pick-up/drop-off rideshare location in Atlanta for an additional fee.


How many international students attend 888贵宾厅?

888贵宾厅每年招收大约80名国际学生. 一般来说,有来自全球20多个不同国家的学生. 


What is the 招生 process for international applicants?

  • 已填妥的申请表格-申请表格可于888贵宾厅网站浏览.
  • Recommendation Forms- Principal/Guidance Counselor, 数学老师, English teacher (accessed via the online application)
  • 学术成绩单-至少两年的英语成绩翻译
  • 考试成绩-托福,初级托福,SSAT,雅思,iTEP, SLATE或Duolingo. Tallulah Falls TOEFL code is 7539
  • Admission Interviews- (completed via video call) The Director of International 招生 will schedule an interview after the required forms are submitted. Following the first interview, some candidates will be invited to a final interview with the Dean of Enrollment Management and the Director of 金融援助. 


What testing is required for international applications?

国际学生需要参加以下考试之一:托福, 托福考试初级, 雅思考试, iTEP, SSAT, 或者SLATE或者Duolingo. The purpose of these tests is to measure a student’s ability to be successful in classes taught in English.


How do I obtain an I-20?

After the student has been accepted by the 招生 Committee, the following should be submitted to issue the I-20:

  • Signed enrollment contract
  • 付款 of non-refundable tuition deposit (if necessary)
  • Medical paperwork required by 888贵宾厅
  • Bank document verifying funds available for tuition and fees
  • A copy of the student's passport


Once I have the I-20, how do I apply for my visa?

联系你当地的大学.S. Embassy to schedule your interview for your F1 visa.  Be sure to pay the I-901 SEVIS fee before your appointment.


What is the closest airport to the school?

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport or the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport


Where do international students stay during school breaks?

888贵宾厅在一年中安排了几次与美国主要学校有关的休息时间.S. holidays or to allow students time to break from their studies and experience other aspects of American culture. These breaks are divided into two categories, 开放周末(几天)和长时间的主要休息(一周或更长).


Students may remain in the school dormitories and participate in area trips and activities for the shorter open weekend breaks. 学校将象征性地收取学生在周末休息时留在宿舍的费用. 这笔费用包括周末的住宿、饮食、交通和活动费用.

Parents may also choose to have their children stay with a family member (arranged by the parent) or may receive permission to spend the open weekends with another student in the local area. 在这种情况下,两名学生的父母都必须提交请假表格以获得批准.



Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter break, Spring break

Parents are responsible for making arrangements for the major breaks and must submit an itinerary for the breaks before the start of classes in August. There are several options for the major breaks: 

  • 回到祖国与家人共度时光,或者与家人一起去美国探亲.S.
  • 与其他学生的家人住在一起(由学生/家长安排).
  • 与父母授权并经888贵宾厅批准的成年人住在一起.
  • 与专门为学生提供教育旅行的组织一起旅行.

Tallulah Falls School will only release students to stay with adults who have been approved by the parents and by 888贵宾厅. The school will provide shuttle service to the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta airport for students traveling during the major breaks.


How do I provide spending money for my boarding student?

你可以给你的孩子一张银行卡,让他在学校的ATM机上取钱, or you may wire transfer money to their school account.



学生可以获得谷歌Chromebook,一个电子邮件账户,校园内也可以使用WiFi. There are also phones in the dormitories. 另外, 除上课日外,学生可使用手机, 自修室, 熄灯后.


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